This Saturday and Sunday (16 and 17 February 2018) in Hotel Marinela Sofia was held the forum for education abroad “World Education”, organized by Integral. Victoria Group Hotels and Resorts were presented in the section “Career Center”, and all those interested were informed of the opportunities for Internships.

The company’s large portfolio, as hotels and locations, offers opportunities for practical internships in major cities – Sofia and Plovdiv, as well as in the seaside resorts – Sunny Beach and resorts. Elenite, even an alternative for the winter in Pamporovo. The stand enjoyed tremendous interest both from students and students, as well as from candidates with previous experience in other areas.

In March, the “National Days of Career” will be held at the Marinela Hotel in Sofia, where Victoria Group Hotels will be represented and all those who want will be able to get details of the various options, for departments (Front Office , Food and Beverages, Sales, Accounting) and for a duration of the internships –  3. 4 or 6 months. Everybody who has passed the internship is certified with state-recognized vocational training certificate from the licensed center to Victoria Group for Professional Training “Hotel League

Hotel Marinela Sofia welcomes 5 interns from Lithuania in Kitchen Department in the next 3 months, as part of the Erasmus + program for students exchange. The trainees will  be in Hot / Cold Kitchen and Pastry, and will have the opportunity to work under the direct supervision of Chef Andrey Stoilov, Executive Chef for Victoria Group Hotels.

As host of the highest class “A” guests during the European Presidency of Bulgaria, Hotel Marinela Sofia provides an opportunity for the students to become part of this experience by actively participating in the hotel’s operational activities and gaining experience in one of best hotels in Sofia

Induction Training Hotel Marinela

On Oct-03-2017 was held the second for this year Induction Training for new employees at Hotel Marinela Sofia. It covered all newly-signed team members during the summer months in the hotel. The aim was to inform the members with all the outlets on the territory of the complex, and at the same time about the hotel chain. Hotel Marinela Sofia, as part of Victoria Group Hotels and Resorts continue its policy of raising the skills and awareness of its employees. Key training and skills training will be launched in the coming weeks to consolidate the market leadership in Sofia.

Cross Training at Hotel Marinela

Besides the human factor, important for us as well  are the opinion of our employees and their recommendation for improving the quality of work. That is why the employees from different departments will “enter into the shoes” of their colleagues for a few days.  In this way, they will get acquainted with the specifics of their work and their daily routines, which will help us to achieve teamwork and team thinking.

Employees of Hotel Marinela go through a training period, where they get to know the history, organizational structure and the rich portfolio of company hotels. Every new employee of “Victoria Group” is an important and valuable asset for the future development of the company. Corporate social responsibility is an inseparable part of the success and the sustainable development of every company.

This is why one of the main priorities of “Victoria Group” is investing in human capital by conducting trainings and raising the skill level of its employees. Every month the management of Hotel Marinela will determine the subject of training, aiming to raise the quality of service and to improve its team.


On the 5th of July, 2007 (Wednesday) a training of all Guest Relation Managers who are responsible for guest relations in the seaside hotels of Victoria Group was conducted. The training was about the platform Reputize that helps with the collection of ratings and opinions of guests.

The goal of the training was to create a standard in the communication and relationship with guests and clients of the hotels. During the summer season, one of the priorities of the company is improving guest satisfaction during their stay and solving problems while the guests are still in the hotel. This is one of the reasons why the hotel relies on employees with experience in the industry, as well as employees who speak several foreign languages. Our Guest Relations Managers speak English, Polish, German, Russian, Czech and Turkish, which guarantees that guests will feel more comfortable sharing their experience during their stay.

The training was attended by Boyko Manev, Human Resource Manager of Victoria Group, as well as all employees, who are responsible for client relations in the hotels Chaika Beach, Victoria Palace, Royal Castle, Royal Bay, Atrium, Andalusia and Holiday Village Elenite. Similar training sessions for staff are also scheduled for the other hotels part of Victoria Group.

“We offer the “Mystery Shopper” service, which can increase the quality of service”, said Asya Pandzherova Ph.D.

Asya Pandzherova Ph.D. is the director of Centre for Professional Training “Hotel League”, part of the biggest hotel operator “Victoria Group”. In parallel, she teaches Tourism at the University for National and World Economy (UNSS) and other leading universities in the country and abroad. She has a bachelor, masters and Ph.D. from UNSS in “Tourism” and in “Finance”. After habilitation from the same university, she has become one of the youngest associate professors in Bulgaria. Together with her academic career, she has been developing “Hotel League” for two years now.

You can read more about the opportunities that the Centre for Professional Training “Hotel League” offers in the interview.

Boyko Manev accidentally started working in hospitality when he went on a student work programme in a hotel in the resort area near Boston, USA. The year after he became a receptionist in charge of the working hours of the employees and on the third year he got promoted to an assistant to the manager of one of the hotels of a small local chain. In Bulgaria he worked for Radisson- brand of Rezidor Group, he was a deputy general director of the hotel with the most rooms in Sofia- Dedeman Princess, director sales and marketing at the opening of Sense from the Design Hotels chain- soft brand of Starwood, now Marriott. For the past four years he has been focused on the domain of human resources in different businesses, including in Bulgarian hotels. He recently became HR director of Victoria Group.

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We invest in high quality tourism labor, trained by world standards.

Asya Pandzherova PhD is the Director of the Centre for Vocational Training “Hotel League”, part of the biggest hotel operator “Victoria Group”. At the same time she teaches Tourism at the University of National and World Economy (UNWE) and other leading universities both in Bulgaria and abroad.

She has a bachelor, masters and PhD from UNSS. After habilitation from the same university, she has become one of the youngest associate professors in Bulgaria. She has specialized in hotel management in Switzerland and Spain. Together with her academic career, she has been developing “Hotel League” for two years now.

Interview with Svetoslav Georgiev, Director Marketing and Development for Victoria Group.

  • Mr Georgiev, what options for business seminars and meetings do the hotels from the Victoria Group offer?
  • I will begin with our most famous property- Hotel Marinela Sofia, which is the biggest congress center with a hotel part. The hotels in Sofia, especially those that bear an international brand through franchise aim mainly at business clients and are not very well positioned in other niches because of the restrictions that the brand imposes on them, due to its intrinsic narrowly segmented target markets. We have a broad portfolio of services. The hotel is a natural choice for big international events and seminars, examples of which are many- NATO, the European Commission, various governmental organizations, foreign missions and many others. The big sporting events in Sofia always include Hotel Marinela, which accommodates and feeds the athletes, including FC Ludogoretz. Due to the geopolitical situation and the terrorist threats in Istanbul, global companies and other organizations choose Sofia as an alternative for many international events.

We were the hosts of Hristo Stoichkov’s event and our guests were Paolo Maldini, Hristo Stoichkov himself and many others. “Sofia Fashion Week” was held in our multipurpose hall EFE, which is unique for Sofia with its 1000 sq. m. covered and 1500 sq. m. open exhibition area. All competitors in the tennis tournament part of the ATP, organized by Garanti Koza Sofia will stay with us, including Grigor Dimitrov. Sylvester Stallone always stays in our presidential suite. We recently accommodated the president of Portugal, the Qatari ambassador, part of the royal family of Saudi Arabia. They choose us, because this place is unique with its location, the concept “city in the city” with its 10 restaurants, bars and night clubs. And most of all we are the hotel with the most apartments and of course the biggest and most presentable presidential suite at almost 300 sq. m. To summarize, if something happens in Sofia, in 90% of the cases we are involved.