About the organization

We at Marinela Association decided to invest efforts in providing an equal start for all children, and brighter opportunities to those who demonstrate the required traits and diligence. Our event calendar includes forums inspired by our willingness to contribute to healthcare, environmental protection, encouragement of talented children, and of disadvantaged children.

Through a variety of initiatives we endeavour to promote respect for success achieved by talent and hard work, encourage development in various areas and motivate our young people pursue appropriate accomplishment. Furthermore, in our sport forums we aim to suppress aggression and divert destructive energy to the right direction.


    • Discover and support talented children and youngsters in their efforts and endeavours to unlock their gifts and potential in culture, sport, science and technology, promote healthy lifestyle and environmental protection;
    • Provide financial and moral support to the creative endeavours of young talents who have already had successful participations and awards from competitions, festivals, Olympiads and contests in their respective areas;
    • Develop and apply efficient practices to encourage children and young people engage in systemic and consistent activities across various sport disciplines and art genres;
    • Initiate, organize and engage in national campaigns designed to foster the physical, moral and intellectual development of adolescents, and educate them in the spirit of national traditions;
    • Foster the social integration and personal accomplishment of disadvantaged children and adults;
    • Support women and children with chronic or cancer diseases;
    • Support the creation, construction and modernization of cultural and community centres, libraries, web-based repositories of knowledge with free access and open content;
    • Support and foster donation and charity initiatives;
    • Collaborate with government and municipal agencies and with local or international organization in the implementation of projects conducive to the objectives of the Association.

Angelina Angelova

CEO of Marinela Association

Angelina Angelova is a Bulgarian writer, playwright and journalist, born on 28 May 1988 in Varna.


Donor campaigns and charity events

Donor campaigns and charity events to raise funds for the ongoing initiatives and projects of the Association;

Granting scholarships

•Awarding personal scholarships or other forms of financial support to children and young people included in donor programmes or other projects of the Association;

Support the participation

Support the participation of talented Bulgarian children and young people in contests, festivals, sport competitions, humanitarian Olympiads and similar forums;

Charity Fund

Operating a dedicated Charity Fund to support the Association’s programmes and events;

Sharing success stories

Facilitate the dissemination of information on achievements by Bulgarian children and other successful Bulgarians to serve as examples for adolescents;

Initiation and conduct of stage performances

Initiation and conduct of stage performances and other sport/cultural events to raise funds for the ongoing initiatives and projects of the Association;

international discussions and seminars

•National and international discussions, workshops, conferences and campaigns on general and specific initiatives of the Association;

Advocacy and lobbyist campaigns

Advocacy and lobbyist campaigns in active collaboration and partnership with institutions, businesses, NGOs and private individuals in Bulgaria and abroad.


Contact us

Address: Hotel Marinela Sofia, 100 James Boucher Blvd., Sofia 1407, Bulgaria
Telephone: + 359 885 754 961
E-mail: angelina@marinela.ngo