Cross Training at Hotel Marinela

Besides the human factor, important for us as well  are the opinion of our employees and their recommendation for improving the quality of work. That is why the employees from different departments will “enter into the shoes” of their colleagues for a few days.  In this way, they will get acquainted with the specifics of their work and their daily routines, which will help us to achieve teamwork and team thinking.

На официална церемония в Амфитеатъра на град Приморско бяха отличени най-успешните компании в морския регион на страната в конкурса Marine Lifestyle Awards 2017.

Наградите се дават за изключителен успех, иновации и етика, които са важен елемент за просперитета на всяка една компания. Това е признание,както за техния публичен и отговорен бизнес, така и за развитието наикономиката и благосъстоянието на българското обществото.

Отличава се успешното лидерство, повишаването на стандарта в корпоративната общност, опазване на околната среда, както и добрите и благотворителни дейности. Приза –Marine Lifestyle Awards 2017– Лидер в Хотелиерство от името на компания „Виктория груп” получиха Пламен Хутов – регионален управител на “Victoria Group Hotels & Resorts” и Ангелина Ангелова – Директор PR и комуникации на “Victoria Group Hotels & Resorts”.

Тази награда е поредната висока оценка за екипа на Виктория груп, за техния професионализъм, всеотдайност и високи стандарти на работа,които спазват всеки ден. ”

Оценката за работата ни преди всичко идва от нашите клиенти, те са тези които ни задават дневния ред и ние работим  за тях  да се чувстват комфортно и удобно в  хотелите ни. Да си Лидер е задължение и отговорност, но и признание, което „Виктория груп” завоюва със своите четири и петзвездни хотели намиращи се в  топ дестинациите на България . За нашата компания човешкият фактор е водещ и за това ние сме помислили и затяхното кариерно развитие. Центърът ни за професионално развитие „Хотелиерска лига”дава възможност на над 3000 българи да останат в страната и да се развиват тук.”- с тези думи благодари за високото отличие Пламен Хутов – регионален управител на “Victoria Group Hotels & Resorts”

Employees of Hotel Marinela go through a training period, where they get to know the history, organizational structure and the rich portfolio of company hotels. Every new employee of “Victoria Group” is an important and valuable asset for the future development of the company. Corporate social responsibility is an inseparable part of the success and the sustainable development of every company.

This is why one of the main priorities of “Victoria Group” is investing in human capital by conducting trainings and raising the skill level of its employees. Every month the management of Hotel Marinela will determine the subject of training, aiming to raise the quality of service and to improve its team.


On the 5th of July, 2007 (Wednesday) a training of all Guest Relation Managers who are responsible for guest relations in the seaside hotels of Victoria Group was conducted. The training was about the platform Reputize that helps with the collection of ratings and opinions of guests.

The goal of the training was to create a standard in the communication and relationship with guests and clients of the hotels. During the summer season, one of the priorities of the company is improving guest satisfaction during their stay and solving problems while the guests are still in the hotel. This is one of the reasons why the hotel relies on employees with experience in the industry, as well as employees who speak several foreign languages. Our Guest Relations Managers speak English, Polish, German, Russian, Czech and Turkish, which guarantees that guests will feel more comfortable sharing their experience during their stay.

The training was attended by Boyko Manev, Human Resource Manager of Victoria Group, as well as all employees, who are responsible for client relations in the hotels Chaika Beach, Victoria Palace, Royal Castle, Royal Bay, Atrium, Andalusia and Holiday Village Elenite. Similar training sessions for staff are also scheduled for the other hotels part of Victoria Group.

Street Lounge – The New City Oasis

The opening of the newest venue Street Lounge in Hotel Marinela gathered Sofia’s elite. The guests were welcomed with exquisite champagne in the summer garden that charmed them with modern design and pleasant atmosphere. The menu for the opening party was prepared by two top chefs- chef Andrey Stoilov- Chairman of the Bulgarian Association of Professional Chefs and Chef Chanaka Fernando- two first place awards holder from the prestigious British Restaurant Awards 2017 and Bar and Club Awards 2017, Buddha Bar London. For the distinguished audience they served specialties, exclusively prepared for the night. Street Lounge impressed its guests with modern, high quality sound, glamorous atmosphere and elegant interior, which were created by Marinela Arabadzhieva herself and her team. The fabulous programme of acrobats and dancers performing to live classical music added to the glamor of the night. The classy drinks and special cocktails raised the spirits in the hot night. Guests of the social event were the member of the commission for European Projects Tanya Kitik, „Gospodari na Efira”’s producer Judi Halvadzhian, the Bulgarian journalist and TV anchor Miglena Angelova, the volleyball stars- Lubo Ganev and Plamen Kostadinov, Hristo Sirakov, the businesswoman Maya Koseva, the actress Boryana Batashova and many more businessmen, models, journalists and friends.

Street Lounge- the new city oasis in Sofia is waiting for you. This is the ideal place for your personal and business meetings. Here you can conduct your business presentation or private party, business lunch or breakfast. You can escape the stressful daily routine and immerse into harmonic luxury and class. Feel the comfortable, cozy and romantic ambience.

According to Kaloyan Nikolov, as well as other specialists in tourism, the key to development of the regions lies precisely in the development of tourism. Every new hotel creates labor places all year round. Another important factor is the client, who focuses his financial resources in a particular region.

“Precisely tourism and the hotel industy are the segments that usher in after them all the other industries, which make up the yearly income of a country.”, said the CEO of Victoria Group in front of Bloomberg TV Bulgaria.

With regard to city tourism, Kaloyan Nikolov marked the growing interest of contemporary mayors towards the activities and events in the cultural calendars of municipalities. This is probably the best way to advertise Bulgarian villages, cities and regions near them to foreigners and locals alike. “The hotel is not only a place for holidays and relax, but a place that creates an emotion, prerequisite for all kinds of activities and business meetings” was the answer of Kaloyan Nikolov when asked about the role of the city hotel in contemporary tourism”.

For the seventh year in a row, b2b Media awards the “Greenest companies in Bulgaria”, that showed and proved that they really achieve change in their ecological indicators and develop their business in a responsible way. The research is unique for Bulgaria and reports the achievement of “green” goals and corporate strategies. Victoria Group® Hotels and Resorts received a green Oscar in the category “Tourism, Hospitality and Entertainment”.

“I thank the jury for the high mark and the recognition. To change the environment in which we live is a responsibility to society before all. Green policies are a part of the long term protection of the environment. That’s why it is important to us to show that business works towards reducing harmful emissions and is responsible for the future of our nature. Victoria Group® Hotels and Resorts together with KIA Motors Bulgaria became the first hotel chain to make traversing Bulgaria in an electrical vehicle possible. We put charging stations in each of our hotel destinations in Sofia, Plovdiv, Pamporovo, Sunny Beach and Elenite in order to create conditions for a cleaner environment. “Green” thinking shows the maturity of business, with which we not only change the environment, but also set an example for the future generation- our children.” said Svetoslav Georgiev- director of sales, marketing and development of Victoria Group when receiving the award.


The Marinela Association treated pupils with health problems to an unforgettable experience at the horse base in Ivanyane village. The initiative “Horse Flight” is entirely an idea of Alexandra Arabadzhieva, who is one of the creators of the association and an equitation champion with dozens of titles. Ever since she was 12 years old, she has been horse riding, which makes her not only disciplined and responsible, but also horse and animal loving.

You can

“We offer the “Mystery Shopper” service, which can increase the quality of service”, said Asya Pandzherova Ph.D.

Asya Pandzherova Ph.D. is the director of Centre for Professional Training “Hotel League”, part of the biggest hotel operator “Victoria Group”. In parallel, she teaches Tourism at the University for National and World Economy (UNSS) and other leading universities in the country and abroad. She has a bachelor, masters and Ph.D. from UNSS in “Tourism” and in “Finance”. After habilitation from the same university, she has become one of the youngest associate professors in Bulgaria. Together with her academic career, she has been developing “Hotel League” for two years now.

You can read more about the opportunities that the Centre for Professional Training “Hotel League” offers in the interview.

With its latest initiative, The Marinela Association dedicated itself to providing outfits for the seniors of the only stone masonic school in Bulgaria. The association united Hotel Marinela, the fashion television “Code Fashion”, prominent Bulgarian designers and brands, stars and businessmen, who together successfully created one unforgettable day for the youngsters.

This is the third year in a row that Hotel Marinela organizes prom nights for the students of the stone masonic school in Kunino. The administrative director of The Marinela Association, Angelina Angelova and one of the benefactors to the cause, Racho Kisiov, shared for Code Fashion that the prom night was very exciting, while the graduates are extremely pleased and happy with the party.