Interview with Svetoslav Georgiev, Director Marketing and Development for Victoria Group.

  • Mr Georgiev, what options for business seminars and meetings do the hotels from the Victoria Group offer?
  • I will begin with our most famous property- Hotel Marinela Sofia, which is the biggest congress center with a hotel part. The hotels in Sofia, especially those that bear an international brand through franchise aim mainly at business clients and are not very well positioned in other niches because of the restrictions that the brand imposes on them, due to its intrinsic narrowly segmented target markets. We have a broad portfolio of services. The hotel is a natural choice for big international events and seminars, examples of which are many- NATO, the European Commission, various governmental organizations, foreign missions and many others. The big sporting events in Sofia always include Hotel Marinela, which accommodates and feeds the athletes, including FC Ludogoretz. Due to the geopolitical situation and the terrorist threats in Istanbul, global companies and other organizations choose Sofia as an alternative for many international events.

We were the hosts of Hristo Stoichkov’s event and our guests were Paolo Maldini, Hristo Stoichkov himself and many others. “Sofia Fashion Week” was held in our multipurpose hall EFE, which is unique for Sofia with its 1000 sq. m. covered and 1500 sq. m. open exhibition area. All competitors in the tennis tournament part of the ATP, organized by Garanti Koza Sofia will stay with us, including Grigor Dimitrov. Sylvester Stallone always stays in our presidential suite. We recently accommodated the president of Portugal, the Qatari ambassador, part of the royal family of Saudi Arabia. They choose us, because this place is unique with its location, the concept “city in the city” with its 10 restaurants, bars and night clubs. And most of all we are the hotel with the most apartments and of course the biggest and most presentable presidential suite at almost 300 sq. m. To summarize, if something happens in Sofia, in 90% of the cases we are involved.


Hotel Marinela received an award in the category “Best City Hotel Awards 2016”. The distinction is a part of the yearly awards of the leading tourism agency Prestige Travel & Tourism.

The award was received by Mr Plamen Hutov, General Manager of Hotel Marinela Sofia

Winter Fairy Tale and Mega Megami with a 12 hour programme

This New Year will be welcomed with a lot of glamor, style and an unforgettable party until the morning. The evening starts with a themed Winter Fairy Tale party. Sofia Hall will be a true winter story, coming directly out of the pages of a fairy tale. With its 6 step menu and a rich programme Winter Fairy Tale will charm the guests.

The guests will welcome the new year in the company of Akram Sedkaoui, vocal Caroline Stenger, saxophone DJ Fabrice Lauer- Chico from Paris. In the heat of the evening, the programme will be added to by pop folk and folk music featuring Maria, Gamzata and Orchestra Chinarite. The starting hour is 20:00, and more information about packages and reservations you can find here.

The most successful club and the leader of night Sofia- Megami debuts in EFE Hall as Mega Megami. The mega party will offer a unique vision and programme, which will start at 22:00 and will continue until the morning hours of the next day. The first edition of Mega Megami set a record- the event was sold out in three days, but the interest isn’t slowing down.

Today in the morning show “The Day Begins” guest is the world-famous architect Akira Kumazawa.

The renovation of the hotel part will start with the beginning of the new year. The new design of the rooms will be in synchrony with the Japanese minimalism and attention to detail.

Architect Akira Kumazawa is impressed by the conceptual, interior project for renovation of the hotel rooms, created by Mrs. Marinela Arabadzhieva and identified it as “impressive and unique, excellently combining the traditional with the modern art”.

You can see what more he said about the changes in Hotel Marinela and the upcoming joint work with the hotel here.

Mr Nikolov, what has the year been like for Victoria Group?

Victoria Group is the biggest hotel operator in Bulgaria that manages 14 hotels and 520 vacation villas. The total number of beds in the group is over 15000 solely in four and five star hotels. 2016 was exceptionally good for the group, as well as for the tourism industry as a whole.

The geopolitical environment in several countries that are direct competitors to Bulgaria as a tourism destination had its impact and helped the industry have a strong summer season.

If I have to describe year 2016 in two words I would call it “The year of the employees”. This year we set a very big focus on the employees in the tourism business.


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The CEO of the Japanese architecture bureau Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates, which participated with the building of the hotel Vitosha New Otani between 1974 and 1979, Akira Kumazawa looked at Hotel Marinela and gave a high mark for the direction of development of the hotel and its architectural value. According to him, the design philosophy of the world famous architect Kisho Kurokawa is fully preserved to this day. The changes are unavoidable because of the time passed, but will be fully compliant with the ideas of the Japanese architecture company

The renovation of the hotel part will start with the beginning of the new year. The new design of the rooms will be in synchrony with the Japanese minimalism and attention to detail. Clean vision, natural materials and an interior that creates a feeling of coziness, warmth and comfort will be the main aspects of the new vision.

Architect Akira Kumazawa was impressed by the conceptual, interior project for renovation of the hotel rooms, created by Mrs. Marinela Arabadzhieva and identified it as “impressive and unique, excellently combining the traditional with the modern art”.

Hotel Marinela has successfully preserved the line of Japanese architecture set in the building of the hotel. The copyright fully belongs to the architecture bureau „Kisho Kurokawa Architect & Associates” in the face of its CEO Akira Kumazawa, who identified the hotel as a place, which continues to remind of the traditionally good relations between the Land of the Rising Sun- Japan and Bulgaria.

Architect Kumazawa and the management of Hotel Marinela conducted a working meeting in the Japanese Embassy with the second Secretary for Economic Affairs Mr Hitoshi Hatta and Mr Susumu Ueda. Future business projects and joint culture initiatives were also discussed at the meeting.

Under the moto “Let’s continue the tradition together” AGRESSIA gathered friends, clients and fans of the brand for the opening of its newest shop in Hotel Marinela

Tradition is these virtues, skills and practices that reflect the essence of the society and these that it stores through the years, passing on from generation to generation.

In 1989, with a lot of ambition and two modest rooms, only 10 employees, Alexander and Maria Antov set the foundations for the future giant- AGRESSIA. Today, AGRESSIA occupies an honorable place among the world famous master tailors with the traditional Italian process. The big manufacturing and the cohesive team are now a fact.

AGRESSIA is associated with its impeccable style for the contemporary man, class and quality for the businessmen, as well as with the true meaning of the word luxury, created with high quality materials and perfect workmanship.

In order to continue the tradition, the guests paid tribute to the founder of AGRESSIA- Mr Alexander Antov! He will remain forever in our hearts.

Host was Ivan Dinev, whose words moved the people deeply.

Popular faces from the social elite, businessmen and businesswomen, politicians and people of the arts honored the event with their presence and personally supported the company. The fashion brand presented a show with the newest models of the world brands TOMBOLINI and La Martina, whom it is an importer of, as well as its designer handmade pieces in style with the latest tendencies in materials and patterns. The events was in the form of stylish and elegant cocktail, decorated with white orchids- a symbol of aesthetics.

The future has ancient roots and AGRESSIA builds its future over a strong past with the support of friends- old and new.


At the show was presented a selected part of Autumn/Winter 2016/2017, including the Argentinian brand La Martina- colors and spirit, elegant pullover and knitted jacket in the most current green color with a bow tie; the Italian brand TOMBOLINI- a leader in Europe and the world with its Zero Gravity Technology. Clothes, manufactured using only fabric with no additional materials, bringing extraordinary pleasure and lightness. The BB series of TOMBOLINI combines business and travel into one. Created in order to ease every working and travelling man, with wrinkle-free shirts, coats and pants made of antibacterial materials; AGRESSIA- style, class and elegance in a suit sewn to measure, especially for the client, tailored to the latest fashion trends and his personal preferences. For all gentlemen and connoisseurs of luxury, AGRESSIA is an importer of textile from the best in the industry: Loro Piana, Scabal, Ermenegildo Zegna, Dormeuil, Cerruti, Albini, Thomas Mason and others.

At the 10 year anniversary of the World Organization- World Luxury Hotel Awards recognized excellence in the luxury segment of hospitality.

Every year an international jury evaluates nominated hotels and awards the best in the industry.

Hotel Marinela received the World Luxury Hotel Award in the category luxury business hotel for 2016 at an official ceremony in Doha on 29.10.2016 in hotel St Regis Doha Qatar.

For the prestigious awards were nominated 360 hotels in 60 categories.


The award “Brand Leader 2016” is intended for the most famous companies, institutions and media that have constant growth and innovative strategies, higher standards and help for the improvement of the market and have an exceptional contribution to the promotion of the economic potential, as well as the creation of a competitive market image of the region. This year the honor of the “Brand Leader Award 2016” was bestowed on the Victoria Group Holding, which has hotels in Plovdiv (Hotel Maritsa), Pamporovo (Hotel Pamporovo), Holiday Village Elenite and the crown jewel- Hotel Marinela Sofia.

The forum is divided in several panels, including a conference on different topics concerning international tourism, B2B meetings with future and current partners, company presentations and awarding the most successful companies in the industry.

Besides the award ceremony, this meeting touches on a broad spectrum of problems, threats, good practices and innovations in tourism. On the forum present are many governmental and non-governmental organizations and official persons- ministers, and vice-ministers from Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, delegates and representatives of the industry from more than 20 countries.