Marinela Association and two of the hotels from the largest tourist holding Victoria Group Hotels and Resorts – the five-star Marinela Hotel and the Maritza Hotel in Plovdiv were awarded with the  “Virtue of 2017” at an official ceremony at the Central Military Club organized by the National Orphan Association in Bulgaria. The award was handed to the administrative director of the Marinela Association, Angelina Angelova by Slavi Mihaylov, chairman of the National Orphan Association in Bulgaria, who thanked for the support and partnership in 2017. Marinela and Victoria Group Hotels and Resorts were general partners of the “Vacation without Borders” initiative and provided support and cooperation for a number of initiatives of the National Orphan Association in Bulgaria.

This is another recognition for the association, as well as for the tourist holding, managed by Marinela Arabadjieva.

At the end of 2017, Marinela Association was awarded the Golden Heart award for a full social commitment to an equal start for all children and a few days ago the Victoria Group Hotels and Resorts received the Best Tourism Company Award for 2017 “.

The Marinela Association treated pupils with health problems to an unforgettable experience at the horse base in Ivanyane village. The initiative “Horse Flight” is entirely an idea of Alexandra Arabadzhieva, who is one of the creators of the association and an equitation champion with dozens of titles. Ever since she was 12 years old, she has been horse riding, which makes her not only disciplined and responsible, but also horse and animal loving.

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With its latest initiative, The Marinela Association dedicated itself to providing outfits for the seniors of the only stone masonic school in Bulgaria. The association united Hotel Marinela, the fashion television “Code Fashion”, prominent Bulgarian designers and brands, stars and businessmen, who together successfully created one unforgettable day for the youngsters.

This is the third year in a row that Hotel Marinela organizes prom nights for the students of the stone masonic school in Kunino. The administrative director of The Marinela Association, Angelina Angelova and one of the benefactors to the cause, Racho Kisiov, shared for Code Fashion that the prom night was very exciting, while the graduates are extremely pleased and happy with the party.