Светослав Георгиев: Преговаряме с "Мариот" за марка, която да изведе хотел "Маринела" на глобално ниво
Thursday, 11 May 2017 / Published in Hotel Marinela, Victoria Group
“Since the beginning of 2017 its income has increased by 50%, we are renovating two more floors and the mythic conference center” says director “Sales, Marketing and Development” of Victoria Group.
Хотелиери демонстрират футболни умения
Tuesday, 09 May 2017 / Published in Hotel Marinela
The first edition of the mini football tournament “Hoteliers Cup” will take place on the 13th of May. The draw was today in Hotel Marinela- organizer of the event. Host of the tournament will be Stadium Academic. The teams were split into four groups of three teams. Only the third ones of each group leave
Не готвач, а хотелиер - Шеф Андрей Стоилов пред "Капитал"
Thursday, 04 May 2017 / Published in Hotel Marinela, Victoria Group
Andrey Stoilov has 22 years of experience behind his back, all of which in city hotels. At 18, before going into military service, he works in restaurant “Bavarian House” for half a year, where according to him, he had the luck to be managed by a chef from Germany. He shows him things, which Andrey
Награда Хотел Маринела София
Monday, 24 April 2017 / Published in Hotel Marinela
On 19th of April, 2017, at an opulent ceremony in Hilton Hotel, Sofia, the awards “COMPANY OF THE YEAR 2016” were given for the third year in a row. The official ceremony was initiated and organized by the unique publisher of business trends with female readership “Business Lady” and Business Lady Club. Partners of the
Честит Трети Март - Хотел Маринела
Friday, 03 March 2017 / Published in Hotel Marinela
The most successful hotel in Sofia- Hotel Marinela commemorated Bulgaria’s Liberation Day with the installment of one of the longest flags in the country. Hanged from the façade was a 90 meter tricolor, created in collaboration with the biggest fashion event in the country- Sofia Fashion Week. In the hotel lobby, the celebration featured the
Национална среща на туристическата общност събра лидерите от бранша в хотел „Маринела”.
Tuesday, 31 January 2017 / Published in Hotel Marinela
How to position Bulgaria as a successful tourism destination by solving the problems in the industry and bringing together the efforts at the public discussion of the Tourism Act that is to come. These were the topics discussed by mayors from all of Bulgaria, representatives of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Tourism,
Thursday, 05 January 2017 / Published in Hotel Marinela
Hotel Marinela received an award in the category “Best City Hotel Awards 2016”. The distinction is a part of the yearly awards of the leading tourism agency Prestige Travel & Tourism. The award was received by Mr Plamen Hutov, General Manager of Hotel Marinela Sofia
Незабравими партита за Нова Година в хотел “Маринела”
Thursday, 29 December 2016 / Published in Hotel Marinela
Winter Fairy Tale and Mega Megami with a 12 hour programme This New Year will be welcomed with a lot of glamor, style and an unforgettable party until the morning. The evening starts with a themed Winter Fairy Tale party. Sofia Hall will be a true winter story, coming directly out of the pages of
Акира Кумазава пред БНТ1: "Източната концепция в хотел "Маринела" е запазена. Продължаваме работа по новия дизайн"
Monday, 19 December 2016 / Published in Hotel Marinela
Today in the morning show “The Day Begins” guest is the world-famous architect Akira Kumazawa. The renovation of the hotel part will start with the beginning of the new year. The new design of the rooms will be in synchrony with the Japanese minimalism and attention to detail. Architect Akira Kumazawa is impressed by the
Хотел „Маринела” ще предлага ВИП етажи - Калоян Николов пред economic.bg
Saturday, 17 December 2016 / Published in Hotel Marinela, Victoria Group
Mr Nikolov, what has the year been like for Victoria Group? Victoria Group is the biggest hotel operator in Bulgaria that manages 14 hotels and 520 vacation villas. The total number of beds in the group is over 15000 solely in four and five star hotels. 2016 was exceptionally good for the group, as well